What’s Being Said About this “Marvelous” Debut Novel:

   “I read The Marvelous Journals of Miss Virginia Pettingill with my 57-year-old eyes and sensibilities. I have no doubt I would have loved it as much had I been 17, or 77. Young Virginia – known as Ginny, or “Pet” – chronicles a year of her life, in 1921-1922 Massachusetts, in the form of class essays. Her voice is as full of commonsense, personality, humanism and care as it is free from sentiment or smugness. Getting pulled into Pet’s world, as she goes from precocious child to awareness of herself becoming a woman, made me understand why so many people are fascinated by genealogy: I came out the other end with a visceral sense of the years leading up to where she begins her journals. Pet’s memories of the horrors of 1918, with its pandemic of Spanish Flu and the miseries and deprivations of the First World War, are as real and evocative as her memories of sharing secrets with her best friend. Even more vivid is her need to hide her greatest secret: her possession of the Sight, the ability to foretell love, birth and death.

    This book is like stepping into a classic Saturday Evening Post cover, or a painting by Andrew Wyeth: a lost America brought to breathing life with a loving and assured hand. It’s a rare novel that manages to combine a vivid world view, an exquisite glimpse into an earlier time, and a narrative voice that’s as clear and consistent as it is engaging. To find that mixture in a first novel is nearly unique in my experience as a reader. With The Marvelous Journals of Miss Virginia Pettingill, first-time novelist Gilbert Mansergh has pulled all that off, and more.”

        —Deborah Grabien,

            author of The Haunted Ballad series and the JP Kinkaid Chronicles

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